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50 Days To 50: Free AF!

DAY 1 [ 50 Days To 50]

I am late.  It is past midnight.  Perhaps late in general; it has taken me some time to come to the blank page, for the specific purpose of writing.  Necessary for my upcoming projects… but I digress.

Today I am 50 days away from my 50th birthday. Alas, I must write. And considering that THREE of my dearest friends died over the the last THREE years, (and there were more!) none seeing their 50th, I count it an even more special blessing to still be as my momskie likes to say “holding it in the road.”

It has not been uncommon for me in the past to share #birthdayinsights #thingsilearnedalongtheway or #thingsilearnedthehardway.  I’ve also used the countdown to my birthday as an occasion for writing #loveletters and #lovegrams to those who’ve impacted my life in profound ways.

This year, I’ve been thinking even more than usual about transparency.  I mean, I think 50 is as perfect an occasion as any to not only pause and reflect.  But to also purge and rejoice.

Over the next 50 (49 now) days until my bday on April 15, in the spirit of my beloved transparency, it is my intention to speak about the key insights, failures, successes - basically all the ‘ish I learned the hard way.

"They say” 50 is the earn-your-fuck-it-wings.  Yea, I been in training for a long time!

I can’t remember a time in my recent past when I’ve been this excited to exercise my fuck-rights 😜 - fuck you, fuck that, fuck them, fuck this, get the fuck out of here, fuck no, fuck it - - - yea, I’ll be fucking all over the place.

And if I am blessed enough to see April 15, I will meet it stripped of what is no longer essential. Empty, fresh, and open to being deeply penetrated by this delicious affair we call life.  Can I get a fuck yea?!!

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