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FOREWORD BY Dr. Linda Jordan


Written after the murder of her partner of 10 years, k. Neycha Herford's White Noise: The Underbelly of All That Lingers is not merely a book of prose; it is a courageous journey from one who has walked her talk and found her voice in the midst of unspeakable tragedy.

Neycha is clear that a new normal must be discovered; a new self-identity must be forged.  In this book and guided journal, a companion to her audio CD, White Noise, she explores the emotional, physical, and spiritual turmoil that is the underbelly of traumatic loss. 


Her work is real.  It probes and engages the human spirit because she narrates her grief honestly and vigorously.  She does not devalue grief with superficial solutions or pointless platitudes.  Rather, she bears witness to the struggle.  And in doing so, she bears witness to the resilience in each of us. 


The result of her work is a resounding message of survival and hope.

- Dr. Linda Jordan, Retired Manager, Unicorn Bereavement Center

Duke University 

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